December 1, 2011

Fall Loves

This fall has been one that I have truly enjoyed. I'm generally sad when summer ends, but this year fall seemed so charming that I quickly forgot about my sadness and did my best to enjoy the transitional weather. It definitely helped that the mild temperatures lingered on for longer than usual. Now that winter is ready to make its appearance, many beautiful memories remain as well as a heightened appreciation for nature and life in general - which finally seems quite wonderful despite the occasional hurdles and setbacks. In the same spirit, on this day when the holiday season officially begins, I wanted to reflect on the past months and share a few blog posts from which I gathered unending inspiration, written by women who I now look up to for so many reasons, along with a few of my own posts that I've written this beautiful fall.

  • How To Style A Hair Bow by A Beautiful Mess: An easy, no-heat hair tutorial with no chemical-filled styling products required that I'm confident even I can follow.
  • D.I.Y. Pom Pom Wreath By Bleubird Vintage: A post from a couple of years back, but one that started my DIY obsession this season and the perfect ocassion to use bits of leftover yarn with spectacular results.
  • Look Book: Red Tights & Comfy Cable Knits... by Girl & Closet: Veronika blogged this outfit just a few days ago, and I almost gasped in awe at its sight; to me, it is a quintessential fall outfit, and I will most definitely be on the look-out for some eco-friendly pieces to help me recreate it. *the pictures on Veronika's blog look infinitely better, this collage doesn't do them justice 

  • Handy Work: An array of beautiful bags big enough to carry at school that got me excited for classes to start again.
  • Mild November: The outfit that I was most proud of this fall.
  • Make/Remake: This was the season when I fell completely in love with DIY projects, gathered plenty of inspiration, and looked at my own things to see how I can use them.


  1. The bow in the hair is so cool!

  2. I love fall and winter fashion. The cozy clothes are just so .... lovely. Comfortable. Fun. I don't know. Fall makes me happy. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Aw, Ana this is such a cute post!! And I couldn't agree more... I was SO excited for fall this year, it was such a beautiful one, and I absolutely loved finding endless inspiration via the blogging community! And your "Mild November" outfit was one of my faves. Hope your evening is a fabulous one! xo veronika

  4. oh im in love with that bow hair style


  5. Hi Ana! Wow! Thank you so much for sharing these links! I haven't seen some of them and now I know what to do with my :-) xoxoxo

  6. Oh I love that pom pom wreath, it's adorable. And i've had that hair bow pinned for a while - not sure my thin hair could pull it off but would love to see it if you give it a try! x

  7. The pom pom wreath is such a cool idea!

  8. You are so cute! Love all your style and wish that I, the farm girl, could get it right like you :-) Miss you all at the holidays! Hope you can visit us soon...we have extra bedrooms now (2 to be exact :-) George's parents are coming for the holidays and will occupy one room but we would love to see all of you for a few days! Hope all is well, take care - Erin


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