December 7, 2011

In Her Daydreams...

Beautiful photography has the power to dramatically change my mood for the better and inspire me tremendously. For so long, I have been trying to find a way to keep track of the beautiful photographs I encounter on my online adventures, with no success. Today I decided that, for now, the best way to do just that would be through a Tumblr blog. This is how In Her Daydreams... was born. I hope that you'll stop by to see what catches my attention.

PS: I know I haven't been very present on here for a few weeks now, but I'm working on some exciting projects that I can't wait to share as soon as they become more concrete. Stay tuned!


  1. Hello Ana,

    it would be a pleasure and a great help for me if you could answer my blogger-interview about the relation of fashion, blogs and journalism. It's anonym, but you can also name your blog if u like. It's to find on my blog!

    Thank you in forward,

  2. If there's anything tumblr's good for, it's posting inspiration boards and pretty pictures!


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