January 12, 2016

Celebrating Toby

This little* goofball joins the 3-year-old club today and I can't wrap my head around it. Just like Mikka, he's brought us so much joy, laughter and light-heartedness, that we can no longer picture life without him.

My sweet troublemaker, keep eating all the good stuff (and sneaking even more with every chance you get!), rolling over for belly rubs, and being the most lovable, nutty pup in existence for many more years to come!

PS: That treat you almost managed to steal last night from the plate on the kitchen table is waiting for you to savour (or, you know, gulp) it in celebration of this new year of life.

*he's actually been bigger than me for most of his life already, but you know how it goes, to me he'll always be that little wide-eyed puppy that we brought home almost 3 years ago.

January 11, 2016

Start Over

After some wonderful time off with my family over the holidays and a reluctant restart to the work routine last week, we are now well rooted into the new year.  My hope is that we fill these next 12 months with plenty of fun, kindness, health and happiness. Welcome 2016!

December 16, 2015

Celebrating Mikka

This little girl turns 3 years old today. I don't know if extra cuddles are what she wished for (I'm pretty sure they're not - ha! - she's little Miss Independent, after all), but that's what she's getting anyway.

My sweetheart, here's to many more late night playtimes, head rests on my shoulder, and loud protests!

December 10, 2015

On My Plate

Over the last few weeks, I snapped a few pictures of the food I made and really enjoyed: some new recipes I tried and some quick meals I put together with leftovers from the fridge. I thought it would be a good idea to record them here as inspiration (for both you and me!) for the future, especially those times when I am hungry and need to eat or make something quickly, but don't know what.

I found this recipe for roasted leeks on Instagram. It's so quick to prepare - wash, cut, season, and pop in the oven - and the whole family loves it. Best of all, I finally know what to do with leeks!

A successful night in the kitchen: my first try at both kale chips and roasted chickpeas, and they both came out very tasty - maybe surprisingly so, since I looked at a few different recipes online, but ended up making my own by combining a little of each.

One afternoon I was craving a quick and healthy treat and out of nowhere remembered this apple almond porridge I used to make a couple of years ago, after seeing the recipe on the Reluctantly Healthy show.

A while ago, I had some very ripe pears that I realized would be perfect to use in a crumble before they went bad. I used this recipe almost exactly, only swapping the berries for pears.

We grew pumpkins in our garden this year, and when it was time to use up the pumpkin puree I made out of them, a pumpkin smoothie bowl topped with a little bee pollen seemed like a good idea. I used this recipe from The Chalkboard as inspiration, but made several adjustments. Although not the best-looking treat, it was certainly yummy; I had it three days in a row and now, several weeks later, I'm still dreaming of it.

For my oatmeal this week, I decided to change things up a bit. First, I made it with hemp milk instead of coconut milk and, after I mixed in all my usual additions (freshly ground walnuts, maple syrup, and cinnamon), I added some pomegranate seeds ('tis the season!) and the sweetest red pear.

One of my favourite guilt-free sweet treats is chia pudding. I make mine with raw cacao powder, liquid stevia, and coconut water instead of milk. On this particular day, I added a sprinkle of goji berries and bee pollen for some extra goodness.

This quick and easy veggie mix got me back on the healthy eating bandwagon a few weeks ago, when I was maybe eating a few too many good-but-no-so-good meals. There are few things easier (or tastier) than roughly chopping some veggies - I have cucumber, bell pepper, avocado and cherry tomatoes here, but the possible combinations really are endless - and sprinkling some salt, nutritional yeast, and an Italian herb mix on top.

Leftover roasted sweet potatoes and scrambled eggs make a complete lunch when mixed in with some greens, bell peppers, cucumber, and olives. Note to self: this is a great example that leftovers can be turned into something more exciting with very little time and effort - perfect for those "hangry" situations when you can't wait long enough to make something from scratch. 

I'd love to know, what are your favourite meals to put together when you're hungry and looking for something quick and easy?

November 16, 2015

Apple Goodness

A few weekends ago, we picked the apples from the tree in our backyard. We've been living in this house for a bit over 4 years now, but this is the first time we have been able to get some apples from our own tree. In previous years, they were completely compromised by some sort of insect that comes out in the spring in our area but, for the first time this year, plenty of them made it through and ripened. Sure, they are not the perfect-looking kind that we find in grocery stores - in fact, they're filled with bumps, bruises and imperfections - but it feels so great to be eating apples from our own garden.

All in all, we had enough to fill the box to the brim, which I thought was pretty good for a tree from which we hadn't picked a single apple before.

The boys - my dad, my brother, and Toby, who mainly helped with eating - were in charge of picking them from the tree, and my mom and I are now busy turning them into pie, sauce, and butter before they go bad.

Video proof of Toby "helping" with picking (read: eating) the apples. He polished off 3 of them, one by one, that he found on the ground underneath the apple tree. The video shows him enjoying his third apple, and I wish that my camera's battery hadn't died before he finished it, but I got such a kick out of seeing him turn and eat it so carefully, almost like a human.

I'd love to know, what are your favourite apple recipes?

November 10, 2015

Wellness List

I thought it was time I talked about my newsletter. This is something that has been on my mind for probably close to a year now. Through taking the IIN and B-School courses, I learned that newsletters are not only great tools to reach the potential customers or clients of any business I create, but also wonderful ways to connect with people about the things I'm most passionate about in a more personal way.

That being said, ever since then, I have been procrastinating on actually starting to send out newsletters, mainly because I had no idea what I would put in them. I did make the small first step of signing up for Mailchimp and placing a sign-up form in the right sidebar a few months ago, but not much progress happened since. Not practically anyway. I have, however, given this topic a lot of thought, and I've finally settled on something I'm happy with and excited about. As always, I have big plans for the future, but for now, I'm mainly looking forward to sharing some short personal updates from a wellness perspective, along with resources that I wish I'd known about along my health & wellness journey in the last few years. I will also be launching my health coaching services soon, and sharing my progress and availabilities there as well.

The way I see it, the difference between this blog, which I consider very personal as well, and a newsletter is that, for the latter, people choose to share their email address with me, likely because they are interested in the same things that I am on a greater scale than someone who may have stumbled across the blog through other links or Google searches. From being a subscriber to several newsletters myself, I know that sharing my e-mail address and allowing people into my inbox is a big deal, and I don't take it lightly.

So, if you think this is something you'd love to be a part of and you'd like to receive occasional emails from me, I'd love to have you join my wellness list!

As a heads up, I thought it would be helpful to mention that, if you do sign up, you should expect the emails to come from "Ana, Summer June Wellness" (my health coaching practice) rather than "Ana, The Summer of June" (this blog).

Photo via Death To The Stock Photo

October 23, 2015

Show of Beauty

By now, we are well into the fall season. Thankfully, it's still the beautiful part of the season, in which the trees are filled with the most gorgeous shades of yellow, orange and red, the leaves that have already fallen are crunching under every step, and there is a tolerable crispness in the air. I know this part won't last much longer though. As I look out the window, I can already see more leaves on the ground than there are left in the trees; yesterday, although mild, was one of the windiest days in a long time, and the weather lady keeps reminding us to go out and enjoy all this beauty and colour, because it will only be here for another weekend or two at most. In other words, the grey part will take over soon. But I'm doing my best not to think of it and instead just enjoy what is.

The other week, I took out my camera and photographed all the colours in our neighbourhood and I love how the pictures came out (though I can't decide if I like them equally as much or more than the ones from last autumn). In another few weeks' time, they'll serve as a great reminder that fall is really not all bad.

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