December 19, 2012

Tree Shopping

Christmas is less than two weeks away, and my family and I just managed to sync our schedules enough to go on our annual trip to pick out our Christmas tree last weekend. The trip has become a holiday tradition for us over the last few years; we love to walk around the beautiful site and look at countless trees before we choose the one.

This year, we went to the same farm as last year, but our outing was much quicker since it was a cloudy, snowy and very cold day - though it was nevertheless just as much fun.

1 comment:

  1. Love Love Love and Miss you all! Think I have a blog you might enjoy...well, maybe, anyway it's Christmas and I'll pass it along.

    She has multiple posts per day, guests, decorating, kids, home, and so much more, perhaps you are already reading her blog but it's nearly Christmas and wanted to pass along.... We are home this Christmas, Magda, Sorin here, any chance you all could come to visit. Know you are busy but just want to extend invite incase :-) Love you all - Erin


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