October 12, 2011


During the past few months, I've become more and more interested in the idea of creating things myself, and trying my hand at a few DIY projects. To be honest, I have barely ever tried any - these pore strips and this knitted scarf are my only trials. Still, I am really enjoying the process of looking for - and finding! - some incredibly creative inspiration. Now, in the hopes that showing it here will, just like putting it down on paper, keep me to my promise of completing them in the near future, I decided to share some of the green DIY ideas that I've been dreaming about lately.
• Turning all the corn husks collected during the summer into something useful 
• Breathing new life into some old, broken bracelets 

• Mixing these two ideas with my own vision to create something beautiful 
Photos via Cupcakes and Cashmere (first here & second here) and Heartmade Blog (third here)

Beginnings are always tough but I'm looking forward to getting over my "DIY shyness" and starting to make all these project ideas - and more - come true!

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  1. I love the beautiful streamers/garlands!!!


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