September 29, 2011

Handy Work

This past month, I've had a hard time adjusting to a new schedule where my days consist mostly of being at school or in traffic. Clearly, I haven't done a great job of keeping up with regular posting on this blog, but I'm determined to try harder and make it work. Since I have been constantly away from home for most of the day, I've realized that I'm in dire need of a bag that is roomy enough yet still stylish. I was skeptical that I would find the right one but fortunately, the online shops seem to be filled with eco-friendly options. 

1. Matt & Nat Meryl Backpack, CAD$185, 10.75'' x 14.5'' x 5.5''
2. Sonya Kashmiri Large Leather Bag, $626, 11cm x 35cm x 43cm
4. Matt & Nat Epea Handbag, CAD$125, 13'' x 14'' x 4''
5. Lost Property of London Large Leather Bag, $292, 2cm x 39cm x 31cm
6. Sonya Kashmiri Large Leather Bag, $620, 12cm x 36cm x 40cm


  1. ouuu great pictures ;D
    i like it !!

    if u want follow me and writte comment ;)*:

  2. Fashion Pie: I know!! I am thisclose to getting it :)

  3. so nice!

  4. gorgeous bags! <3



  5. Ooh! I love the red one. I had a big red bag a while ago but it broke... it was my favorite because somehow, it matched with everything!


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