October 5, 2011

School Uniform

I hate to admit this but on school days, my outfits are mainly of the "jeans-and-T-shirt" variety. As a person interested in fashion, this is very frustrating since I feel like I should come up with better, more fashion-savvy combinations. What holds me back are the rushed early mornings when I have to get ready knowing I won't be returning home before the evening, and so I have to account for all of the variations in weather throughout the day - a rather scary thought.

• hand-me-down Jordache jeans (from cousin-in-law)  blouse knitted by my mom  Hollister jacket  Azuri floral scarf (seen here Clarks shoes  

This week while I was getting ready, I realized that the jeans I was wearing are one of the eco-friendly pieces I own - a hand-me-down (read: recycled) pair that is in constant rotation. Somehow, this thought made everything better and my lack of creativity didn't bother me as much anymore. After throwing a few bright colours and another eco-friendly item into the mix, I was ready to go. That is not to say that I will not keep trying to evolve my style though - that is something that I'm always striving for and hope to make small steps forward as I go along.


  1. i like so much what you post. feel free to check out mine and follow me if you really like.


  2. haha I'm the same. I tend to wear jeans + t-shirt+ cute scarf to uni as well, unless I wake up and feel like dressing up... which doesn't really happen cz I always oversleep and don't have time :P
    I really like the yellow jacket with the purple details of the scarf :D

  3. there are sooooo many ways you can make jeans interesting... or else they wouldn't be a staple wardrobe piece for pretty much forever!! you did great layering a jacket and bright scarf over your knit... layers are the perfect way to manage a long day of changing weather and still look chic <3shelby


  4. I like this look! The scarf and yellow jacket really brighten it up!

  5. Hey,

    Lovely blog!

    Following now so looking forward to upcoming posts.


  6. love the scarf, but i love some purple.

  7. Cute scarf! =)


  8. What a lovely look. I'm loving how you've dressed up your jeans with that lovely scarf, & goodness the pattern is SO pretty! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. xo veronika


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