January 17, 2011

Water Colors

I am still coveting Zoya nail polish just as much as I did a few month ago (when I posted about it here and here) - in fact, I am constantly wearing different shades of it on my nails. However, I recently discovered another green brand, Scotch Naturals. This is a rather recent line of nail polishes that stemmed from the children's line, Hopscotch Kids. The product is water-based (rather than solvent-based), non-toxic, and it comes in 13 different stunningly beautiful shades that make a girl forget about their heftier price of $14.99 per bottle.

I absolutely love the brand's idea of a customizable trio, but with so many beautiful shades to choose from, my mind goes into overdrive trying to pick the perfect one:

 the classic trio 

 the vibrant trio 

 the soft trio 


  1. i saw these somewhere last week and was curious about the line. thanks for sharing more of the colors!

  2. tartan swizzle and whisper - amazing x

  3. ooh i love lock ness mystery. can u buy these instore?

  4. Isabel - I just checked their website again, and apparently the products are only available in a handful of stores across the US and only one in Canada (Vancouver). Here is a link from their website, with more info on this: http://www.scotchnaturals.com/wheretobuy.php?region=international
    If all else fails, you can buy directly from the website and I've noticed that they have Canadian Standard Shipping at $7.95.

  5. These shades are lovely! I'm especially eyeing the Kiltlifter shade! Stunning!

  6. Golly. I'm kind of obsessed with the vibrant trio.


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