June 9, 2010

Pretty Polly

Green beauty doesn’t always offer as much variety as traditional, chemical-filled products. Nail polish is one such example. With ingredients like formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and toluene, not many beauty products are as toxic as nail polish. It is, after all, paint.

However, more and more companies seem to take these 3 most harmful ingredients out of their formulas. One such brand is Zoya Nail Polish. With over 300 colours available and more coming out every year in the form of 4 seasonal collections, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing a favorite. Add to that the long lasting formula that, in my personal experience, held more than a week with almost no chips, all while skipping the base and top coats.

These 3 colors have me excited for summer: Malia is a bright and cheerful version of one of my favorite colours, Lulu is the perfect soft peach shade when I’m in the mood for something subtle, and Yummy is a bright blue that reminds me of the clear, sunny, summer sky.

The one downside of this product is the fact that online orders can only be delivered to addresses in the continental USA, which seems very unfair for us Canadian residents and the rest of the world. But with such a winning combination of lovely shades and long lasting power, all at an accessible price (7$ for a bottle), I think a visit to see family in the States is completely justified in order to get a hold of a few of these bottles.

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