June 4, 2010

The Bible

Green beauty is not easy to navigate. With so many skincare products that promise a perfect complexion and makeup in hundreds of beautifully tempting shades, it is very easy to ignore their harmful effects on both our own health and that of the environment. Complicated ingredient lists, marketing tricks and accessible prices make it even easier for us consumers to overlook the all-natural branch of this industry. However, we do this at the expense of our well-being and of the world we live in.

Julie Gabriel is very much aware of these facts and in her book, The Green Beauty Guide, she clearly explains why green beauty is the way to go – with lots of scientific documentation that is very well put together and shocking enough to make us think twice about our choices. With the numerous warnings, tips, safe choices and recipes that she provides, she ensures a smoother sailing. Her book is truly a go-to resource for all of us who decide not to fall prey to the cosmetic giants anymore and take charge of what goes onto our skin.

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