September 3, 2010

Falling for Colour

Although we've had a few very warm days this week, fall is no doubt on its way. One of my favourite ways to brighten the otherwise grey and moody weather that comes along with it is with nail polish. I love Zoya Nail Polish (I raved about my summer picks here) for the impressive selection of colours, the quality of the product (I can easily go a week with no base/top coat and with few barely-there chips) as well as the small price. While looking through all of the beautiful colours, I have found a few that I can't wait to wear in the coming months:

Ironically, my top 3 favourites came out in the same collection, the Zoya Twist Nail Polish Collection: Moxie is a deep berry shade that I have been craving to have on my fingernails ever since I laid eyes on it more than a year ago; Harley works well for those days when you decide to embrace the fall weather rather than fight it; Jo is a darker shade of one of my summer favourites, Yummy, perfect for the darker days of fall.


  1. That "moxie" color would be perfect for next pedicure... so cute!

  2. Last night I found a bottle of grey polish from Sephora last fall - it looks just like the middle shade here! I love the color - it looks a little like wet cement.


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