January 26, 2011

Snow Bright

During winter, people seem to switch the colour palette of their wardrobe to fit the dark and dreary days to come. I am not particularly happy about this trend, which only seems to add to my dislike for this coldest season. So I decided to turn the tables and look for some all-white items. Knowing there are so many lovely 'green' options out there, I'm much happier now.

1. Elsom Organic Silk White Button Shirt Dress, £220£110
2. Jackpot Presta White Cotton Shirt£45
3. People Tree Soft Printed Top£26£15
4. Revenge Is... 2022:Will I Be Gone? T-shirt, $67
5. mygreenlipstick White Wonder Blazer£179
6. Noir Cyril Cropped Blazer, £620£470

7. Del Forte Willow White High Waist Organic Jeans, £135£72.50
8. Nixxi Leggings, $58, $30
9. Edun Organic Monarch Bootcut Jean, $172, $80

10. Lowie Virgin Wool Bow Headband£22
11. I found this necklace at this lovely boutique a few days back, and unfortunately I just realized that it is not available anymore.
12. Lowie Virgin Wool Crochet Scarf£65
13. Lowie Hooded Cable Cape£178
14. Matt & Nat Gossip Belt, CAN$35
15. Kapow Wow Cream Tulle Ruffle Collar£109
16. Matt & Nat Marvel Handbag, CAN$135
17. Matt & Nat Vania Handbag, CAN$165
18. Matt & Nat Naos Coin Holder, CAN$35


  1. wearing white in winter is a great way to get into a happier mood :)

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  2. these light colored pieces are so refreshing!


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