January 29, 2011

Happy Days

There are times when life's pressures and obstacles are so big or so many, that we can't fight them and they inevitably take us down. Suffice it to say, I haven't been in the best of spirits during this beginning month of 2011. In trying to turn things around, I was reminded that it's the little things in life which are most important. So I decided to shift my focus towards them and remarkably, my outlook has quickly changed for the better. I thought I'd share a few of the things that have helped put a smile on my face lately.

• Bright purple fingernails thanks to Zoya's Malia nail polish 

• Funny videos (this one found on GretaGuide

• Some wise words 

Post inspired by Cupcakes and Cashmere's Five Things.

1 comment:

  1. wow those nails definately make me happy too :) great color!




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