August 31, 2011

Home Ground

I spent my first day back home from Italy watching a marathon of "Million Dollar Decorators" and as a result, I think I caught the decorating bug. Though I can't even dream of such luxurious projects as those I've seen on the show, I was very impressed by the beautiful transformations that were achieved by simply moving the furniture around and adding a few finishing touches here and there. So I scoured the web for some eco-friendly accents that I would love to some day add to my so-far-still-mostly-unpacked new bedroom.
On the bed, I like the idea of keeping the covers white and playing instead with its texture, then only bringing in colour with some decorative pillows; the brown and purple colour scheme seemed just right for the upcoming fall season.

1. VivaTerra Tuck-Me-In Bedding, Duvet Cover $149, Sham $25
2. VivaTerra Peony Pillow in Purple, $149
3. VivaTerra Butterfly, $89
4. VivaTerra Sunflower and Floating Leaf Pillows, $89, $59 each


  1. Love the butterfly pillow! =)

  2. Love the baskets and the necklace holder!



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