August 28, 2011

The Garden Chronicles vol. I

Earlier today, I took my camera in the backyard and snapped a few pictures of the flowers and plants that caught my attention. Before moving into this house I lived only in apartments my entire life, where I wasn't often surrounded by nature as much as I am now. Needless to say, I am enjoying all of the green life around our home quite a bit and in fact, flowers and plants are some of my favourite "subjects" to photograph. So I thought that once in a while I would share a few of these pictures and hopefully you enjoy seeing them just as much as I enjoy taking them.
• A bee/wasp enjoying some pollen from our flowers 

• Beautiful, delicate flowers 

On our vegetable patch:
• Big tomatoes are beginning to ripen 

• Hot peppers are growing in bunches 

Stay safe this week-end!


  1. oooh your flowers are so pretty!!! and your veggies look delicious. it is amazing what having a yard and being surrounded by nature can do for you <3shelby

  2. Such variety! So often we ignore stuff like flowers and trees. I make sure to appreciate them.

  3. Lovely garden! My tomatoes are turning red too!!



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