August 5, 2011

Sweet Tooth

One of the highlights of my trip to Italy was, quite expectedly, the food. Sure, Italian dishes have become ever so present in our North American culture, but this trip has reinforced my beliefs that nowhere in the world is Italian food tastier than in its home country. My hectic school schedule and limited student budget didn't allow me to experiment quite as much as I would have liked, but the meals that I did eat out were sensational. I'd like to think that I have discovered one of the secrets to their incredible taste and that's using just a handful of the freshest ingredients in each recipe. The same applies for all their preparations, including my guiltiest pleasure, gelato - yes, it does actually put regular ice cream to shame.

• Grom gelato in pistachio and lemon flavours 

I have tried many different flavours of this wonderfully refreshing dessert served by quaint little gelateria's and was absolutely delighted to find an eco-friendly one named Grom. Recommended by my guidebook*, it serves gelato made with organic ingredients and seasonal fruits - so their menu changes regularly - and it is served in biodegradable tubs and spoons at all of their 34 locations in Italy and 5 others throughout the world (Malibu, New York, and Paris included). The selection of flavours is quite extensive, and personally, I'd go for the yogurt, melon, rice and tiramisu ones any time.

Disclaimer: An Amazon Afilliate link was used in this post (marked with * above); in other words, if the product is purchased after following this link, I will be compensated with a small percentage of the sale value (& will be very happy and grateful).

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