November 17, 2013

Photo Memories: Green

By now, even the fall foliage is long gone. A few weeks ago already, we were left with bare trees and that grey shade that will stay until sometime in April, if we're lucky. It's no secret that I love the warm seasons much more, so the arrival of these temperatures that hover just above or below the zero mark is a crude awakening that there is no going back, and that winter is just about to get settled in our corner of the world for many long months. In fact, last week we had one of the first dustings of snow around here.

What makes this particular cold season even more bitter than the ones before is that this year we were barely greeted by the sweltering hot summer temperatures that I was waiting so anxiously for, before they were gone without a trace. Even fall went by in a blink; I could swear that the leaves took no longer than two weeks to turn from green to the rich yellows and reds, and then to be all fallen from their branches. I actually missed taking pictures of them altogether, when I skipped the occasion one weekend and by the next they were all on the ground.

Needless to say that the cold has kept a firm hold of our parts in the past many months, but the little time that we had to delight in those warm temperatures and lively green shades of spring and summer was glorious. So before I prepare myself for what's to come, I want to look back at that beautiful colour that we won't see much of for a long while.

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