November 22, 2013

Long Weekend in Toronto

I had a day off from work today, and in the course of relaxing and taking it easy around the house - read: being lazy and doing practically nothing - I spent a little time going through photos from the last few months. Not surprisingly, I haven't taken many of them , so I quickly found myself all the way back to July, to the Toronto and Niagara trip I took with my brother. I realized I never did share about the big city part of our quick getaway, although I really like how some of the shots came out. So I'm going by the rule of 'it's never too late' and once again taking a look back.

A picture perfect spot to enjoy our last breakfast in the city, in the courtyard of the hotel.

It was the kind of trip that came together on a whim - with no time for planning beforehand - and went by just as quickly, so I'm not sure that, being our first time there, we had a chance to truly get a feel for the city. However, in between dealing with the fatigue accumulated from a long work week and no time for rest before embarking on a day-long roadtrip, and trying to figure out what to do as we went, there were a few good moments. Of course, many of them came towards the end of the weekend, and they were the kind that makes you want to stay for just a little while longer even though you know you can't, so I'm really looking forward to going again in the future.

For this trip - and probably the next few ones too - I wasn't too curious about stepping onto the glass floor of the CN Tower, I was actually perfectly content with just admiring it from the inside of the car.

Before heading home, we stopped to take a long walk along the edge of the Ontario lake, to bask in the beautiful weather and admire the city view from across the lake.

One of my favourite parts about this trip - that sadly went undocumented - was having dinner with a dear friend at Fresh (my goodness, that beach fresh bowl on soba noodles was delicious! ) and catching up after two years of not seeing each other; one of my least favourite parts was realizing the moment I stepped back into the hotel room that I didn't take even one picture of our time together. I'm still kicking myself for it, but I guess that is just more reason to return sooner rather than later.

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