October 22, 2013

Weekend Glory

On Saturday night, I watched the movie 'Morning Glory' with my family, and I really truly loved it. I've been going over it in my head so many times since because something about it really struck a chord in me. These lighter, "chick flick" movies are my favourite and I always find that they give me the most to think about afterwards.

Besides the storyline, something that caught our attention was watching Harrison Ford cook frittata (twice!). So on Sunday morning, we cooked our own frittata; our first frittata, with broccoli, red pepper and mushrooms. And as this picture bears witness, it was so good that more than half of it was gone before I even got a chance to take out my camera. So I feel pretty confident to say that, though we will likely never make it - or pronounce it! - as dramatically as Mr. Ford, the frittata is bound to be one of our go-to weekend dishes from now on - a more interesting take on our usual scrambled eggs.

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