June 17, 2013

Old Friends

Something that I think doesn't translate very well in pictures is height. So, probably many people don't know that I'm only 5'2'' tall. To be honest, I never had a problem with being so small - having really small feet that are practically impossible to fit from a regular store at the mall, that's an entirely different story - in fact, I've quite enjoyed it. One perk of my short height is that I've stopped growing out of my clothes a very long time ago, which means that even at only 24 years old, I have pieces in my closet that date back sometimes more than a decade.

Some good examples are the pieces in this outfit, which are all around that age. The pink shirt was knit by my mom for me, the sleeveless button-down layered underneath was a birthday present one year - though it is so old that I don't even remember exactly which year - and the Jordache jeans were a gift from my older cousin back when we were living continents apart (sometime around 1997, I think...), that I have kept for a few years hoping I would grow into them, only to have my mom shorten and tighten them once I realized that wouldn't happen - which was still quite a few years ago.

One of the reasons why I have kept these - and many other - clothes for so long is that I get attached to them. I don't shop very often and when I do, I try to make sure I buy something that I really love, and often that love doesn't go away, even many years later. In fact, I've never even thought of the idea of regularly combing through my closet and giving away things, the way I've learned most girls do; that is something that I've only heard of once I started reading blogs. With a few exceptions, my approach to my clothes is, once I really get tired of a piece or don't like the fit of it anymore, I get it altered so that it gets a new life. This is what I've done over the years and what I'd like to keep doing going forward, especially since I have become so passionate about green living and, consequently, having a green wardrobe.

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