June 24, 2013

Here and There

I am a little out of words today, but I felt a strong need to blog, so after a few failed attempts, I'm turning to my camera and the good moments it recorded over the last few weeks.

1, 2 & 3. An unexpected bouquet made up of things I found around the backyard: grass seed heads and clover flowers.
4. Trying out new recipes, this time Miso Mushrooms from the raw food cookbook Fresh*.
5. Afternoon kitty naps in one of her favourite spots, my bed; I love it when she stretches all her paws and brings them together in front of her.
6. Some more backyard blooms.
7. A raw triple chocolate belated birthday cake that I made up on my own without a recipe or precise measurements and yet turned out incredibly tasty and rich in chocolate flavour.

*Disclaimer: The book link used in this post is part of the Amazon Associates program.

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