June 13, 2013

This May

May has long been over by now. I can't believe it. It passed so quickly that I didn't even have time to process it. And sadly, unlike the first four months of this year, even looking back at what happened during the month doesn't make it seem any slower.

What defined the month of May was my new job, and I struggled a great deal to adjust to this new reality. It was hard spending the first months of the year mostly at home, but I had no idea it would be even harder to get used to the new schedule that currently involves 5:30 am wake-up calls every morning, 8 hours at a desk with no access to natural light, and 2-3 hours in traffic.

In short, May was one of the toughest months so far this year, and I was so sad to see it over before I even had time to catch my breath. The little moments that I did enjoy were few and far between and not nearly as intense as other times, but this is what they consisted of:

Garden blooms. When I wasn't in too much of a rush or too tired to spend some time outdoors, I enjoyed looking at  - and taking a few shots of - the flowers that we have around the house this year. We have even more variety than last year (due in part to a Mother's Day surprise as well as to a few little survivors from last year that spread on their own everywhere), and it's just so soothing to witness these delicate little things in all their colourful glory.

Puppy walks. A few weeks into my employment, I finally surrendered  - for the most part, though I still have my moments - to the idea that I wouldn't be able to do many things in the very limited spare time that I have now, and it helped a lot. So, instead of resisting the idea of an hour+ long puppy walk (to drain the energy of our tireless little guy), I embraced it, and I felt much better thanks to a calmer perspective and the added exercise.

A summer peek. Thankfully, the month did end on a more positive note, with two days of summer hot weather (even if it dipped back down to early-spring-like temperatures immediately after); feeling the sunshine on my legs did wonders for my mood.

Things have started settling a bit now, but I'd love to know, how do you handle times that pass by so quickly that you don't seem to have even one spare moment to "stop and smell the roses", even though you want to so badly?

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