May 1, 2013

Working Girl

This picture doesn't really have anything to do with the post, but I like always having a visual element, and fresh flowers have been making me really happy lately.

This is an important time in my life; the beginning-of-a-new-stage kind of important. Just two weeks ago, after four long and difficult months of waiting, hoping and dreaming, I received a job offer and, since last Monday (April 22nd, 2013), I've been working at my very first full-time permanent job. I still can't believe that I'm already at this stage in my life, even though I've been wishing for it for a very long time.

School has been such an important part of my life. It is everything I've known until now and, for all these years, it has been both my journey and my main goal. Even now, several months after I completed my degree, I still haven't gotten used to this new reality that doesn't include class time and exam periods. In fact, before this job, I was just starting to become accustomed to a different reality that involved lots of time spent at home, with little routines and habits that I enjoyed and that I now dearly miss.

I miss not having a set schedule and quite a bit of free time to spend exploring my passions;

I miss the slower pace of living that I enjoyed while at home, taking the time to slowly wake up every morning, to savour lunch and to wind down in the evening;

I miss spending lots of time with little Mikka & Toby, though it's quite sweet coming home to wagging puppy tails and loving kitty cuddles;

I miss focusing most of my attention on living healthy and living green; on the flip side though, I am learning many new things that keep me busy.

There are both good and not-so-good things about my new reality, but this is the beginning of a new journey; I'm learning a lot along the way already, and hoping and praying for only good things ahead.

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