May 2, 2013

This April

April spoiled us with so many spectacular evening skies.

April has been the busiest and most eventful month of the year so far. After months of winter fighting to stay for as long as possible, in April, the weather has turned warmer and brighter and the days have become longer and much more lively.

Work time. Between researching jobs, applying and interviewing for interesting opportunities more than ever before, and finally landing my very first full-time job after university, I have been in work mode a lot this month.

Kitty cuddles. This month, it's become clear that little Mikka has truly become accustomed to our home and she's quite fond of us too. Some of the best moments for me this month were when she came to sleep in my lap or right beside me on the couch, and to cuddle as soon as I got home from work and softly rest her head on my hand. She's even spent a few nights sleeping next to me almost the entire time (as opposed to most nights, when she likes to party on the kitchen table with no one telling her she's not allowed there!)

Geese watching. One of my favourite parts about spring is watching the Canadian geese return from warmer climates. On our daily dog walks in April, I've seen some of the biggest and loudest groups I have ever seen. Besides admiring the birds themselves and their impressive levels of coordination and collaboration, it is comforting to kow that their arrival is a sign that warm weather is here to stay.

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