May 24, 2013

Long Weekend Surprise

On Monday evening, as I was sitting on the balcony looking after Toby and mourning the end of the long weekend, I heard a noise behind me, in the pool, like something splashed in it. It was a little odd, given that we haven't uncovered it yet, but sure enough, when I turned around to see what it was, I noticed that something had indeed, splashed and landed in it. Actually there were two somethings: two ducks!

This was the first time I saw ducks around our parts, and how fun that they decided to take a breather in our backyard. They spent a little time swimming and looking for food in the water that's still on top of our pool cover, and even took a short walk around the pool.

I kept as quiet as I could so that I wouldn't scare them away and managed to get quite close for some shots with my new camera - among the first ones since my old camera broke. I don't know too much about ducks, but they seemed to be a couple, with the green-headed one leading everywhere.

Such a sweet encounter to end the long weekend, and it absolutely lifted my spirits!

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