May 27, 2013

The Garden Chronicles vol. IV

As much as I wish we celebrated Memorial Day here in Canada too so that we could enjoy another day off from work and daily duties, for now the memories of last week's long weekend will have to do. It was a wonderfully relaxing time, and we were able to get to many of the things on our to-do list, while also enjoying ourselves and relaxing a little bit. For me, one of those things was to experiment with my new camera so, besides our visitor ducks, I also got a few shots of the flowers that are now in bloom around our house. Some of them are new this year (a Mother's day gift for my mom), but some are from last year and have come up on their own - easily one of the best surprises we've had so far this spring.

• Sadly, it looks like the end of the tulip season has already arrived in our parts •


  1. Yes. Aren't long weekends the loveliest?! Martin & I immensely enjoyed ours, and I'm definitley ready for another one! ;) And yay new camera. I love playing around with new toys!

    PS - let me know if you try the chickpea quinoa salad recipe too. It's easy and insanely tasty!! xo

    1. Agreed! The next long weekend can't come soon enough. And as for the camera, well, I tried playing with it and instead realized how clueless I really am! Though I did manage to somehow get these shots, so I guess it's not so bad. :)

      Hope you're having a great week so far!


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