April 13, 2013

Hot Cocoa Moment

I won't lie, this winter has been a difficult one. It managed to break me down and get the best of me. Bitter, long and secluded are three words that come to mind, and they do not a happy girl make. Luckily, last week I decided it was time I take back control and find my joy again. Somehow, I don't know exactly how, I managed to do it and keep it up even through the many little setbacks that the week brought (Thankfully, there were just as many little successes to counteract them.)

Yesterday, we had a snowstorm. Yes, April 12th, 2013, well into the so-called spring season, we had a snowstorm. So, after the morning's errands were done, the only logical thing I could think of doing was to stay tucked inside and enjoy a slow afternoon. After lunch, I made myself a big cup of hot cocoa and spent a few blissful moments sipping it while watching the snow fall.

I have been fed up with this winter for many weeks now. But, over the last couple of weeks, I noticed that the temperatures (very) slowly but steadily crept up - on Thursday we even noticed that the tulip and daffodil buds have come up above the layer of mulch in our frontyard (!!!) - so I knew that it wouldn't last long, even if the weatherman predicted up to 15 cm of snow. (With temperatures going up to 8 degrees Celsius today, and even further up tomorrow, it doesn't stand a chance!) So, I didn't mind it. Instead, I spent those few minutes sipping my cocoa and looking out into our garden. And what wonderful minutes they were. It felt like the last effort of this long winter and the perfect way to say 'so long!'

• Mixing  Stirring  Sipping  Finishing off 

In other news, my almost-8-years-old point-and-shoot camera (the only one I've got!) is, sadly, on its last legs. The photos are way overexposed and have horizontal lines all over them. So with no way of capturing the moment through images, I tried taking a video of it - which seems to work perfectly fine still (with no sound capabilities, mind you; ah, the joys of this old camera...) - but that didn't turn out too well either. I did find a few good stills though, and I think they capture the vibe of the moment much better.

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