January 28, 2013

Juice Enthusiast

Last summer I learned about the wonderful benefits of green juices, made from lots of veggies and some fruits. I tried a few recipes at the time but, once the excitement of my discovery dwindled, I fell off the juice wagon. As I'm working to transform my eating habits into even healthier ones, I decided that it's time to bring back the juice.

• Juice made from carrots (a great source of beta-carotene, vitamins and minerals that contribute to great vision), pineapple cores (very rich in the anti-inflamatory bromelain enzyme that digests protein) and orange (a vitamin C powerhouse) 

Two weeks ago, I made my first juice of 2013, a variation of my favourite carrot and apple combination in which I swapped the apple for a mix of orange and pineapple (tip: the tough-to-eat core of the pineapple works great for this!). When drinking it, I loved that I could taste each of the ingredients as well as their delicious combination, and it brought back my excitement for green juices.

• Juice made from apples (rich in pectin that removes cholesterol and toxins), carrots, romaine lettuce, parsley (blood cleanser), kale (high in fiber and antioxidants to help with digestion and protect against cancer), and pineapple cores 

To gather even more inspiration, I unearthed pictures of my favourite green juice of 2012. I made this one morning on a whim and kept adding ingredients as I found them in the fridge (and remembered their impressive benefits), and I was really surprised at how tasty it was in the end. I hope that all the juices I'll be making this year will come together just as effortlessly and I'm looking forward to developing an even greater love and appreciation of them.

I'd love to know, do you take advantage of the wonderful benefits of green juices? If yes, what are your favourite combinations?

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