February 4, 2013

A Little Movement

It's just over a month into the new year, and I've been progressing fairly well in my goals for the next twelve months. As far as getting fit goes, although I haven't made considerable progress, I did make a little bit of progress. For the last couple of weeks, almost every night I've been practicing this short nighttime yoga routine by Tara Stiles. The moves are few and simple - without considering my flexibility (or lack thereof) - and I make sure to take my time with each of them. So far, I've found that the 4 to 5 minutes that it takes me to go through the entire routine help me wind down and relax before I let my head hit the pillow.

Of course, I'm aware that this isn't nearly enough movement to allow me to claim that I added 'exercise' to my days, but it does make me more aware of my body and keeps my physical fitness constantly present in the back of my mind. I'm hopeful that in this way, I'll be more excited and motivated at the prospect of slowly adding more exercises into my routine.

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