November 5, 2012

Fall Closet Basics

Last year around this time, I wrote 'Autumn Basics', in which I rounded up clothes that I thought would contribute to a versatile eco-friendly fall wardrobe. This year, instead of combing through countless online shops to find the 'ideal' items, I was inspired by Vicky's post to look inside my own wardrobe. The premise is still the same as last year - to be more deliberate about my clothing choices - but I'm more realistic by not looking to buy anything new, which is neither a necessity nor a possibility for me right now, and rather focusing on getting the most wear out of - and in the process, falling back in love with - the clothes I already have. To me, this is just a different way of making my fashion choices greener: no new purchases means no added waste, and wearing my own clothes more means no wasted space for items that just gather dust. So, here are a few of my basics that are in constant rotation during these months when the weather gets ever colder in anticipation of winter.

1. Lightweight scarves Since I always seem to skip on adding just the right piece of jewelry to my outfit, scarves are generally my accessory of choice, and I'm happy to have these ones in rotation before I have to switch over to the thick, woollen ones.

2. Stripes and 3/4 sleeves To be honest, stripes are basics year round in my wardrobe, and in combination with a 3/4 sleeve, they work so well for the in-between weather of this season. Lucky me, it just so happens that many of my 3/4 sleeved tops are also striped (or maybe vice-versa?!?...the addiction goes deep :P).

3. Bright orange I just got this sweater in September, and even then I could already tell that it would be one of my fall staples. Most of my outfit ideas revolve around it these days, and I think it will be the cheerful bright spot in an array of clothes that keep getting darker as fabrics get thicker and warmer.

4. Brown shoes In all fairness, many of my shoes are brown - somehow, the black version just doesn't seem as appealing when I try it on - but I think they will bring a particularly 'autumn' feel to my outfits.

5. Blazers Over the years, I have amassed a good selection of them and they're just the right choice when I'm looking for a more dressed-up version to a cardigan or lightweight jacket. I like that they're primarily light-colored to balance out the darker tone of most of my cold-weather-appropriate wardrobe.

What are your fall basics this year? I'd love to know!


  1. That's a really good idea! I need to start going through my wardrobe and pulling out great basics for the new season. I have a huge obsession with blazers!

    You have a great blog, lady!


    1. Thank you so much - you're too kind!

      Blazers really are great, aren't they?! Throw one on, and you've got an instant put-together look.

      Hope you're having a great day! :)

  2. im loving scarves too! you can never have enough!

    1. Agreed! :) Ever since the weather turned cold, my outfits haven't been complete without them.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! They're a few years old already, but still some of my favourites! :)


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