October 26, 2012

Happy Days: A New Season

• A little autumn spirit livens up our kitchen cupboards •

By now, the not-so-nice part of autumn has started: the part in which all the leaves have already fallen and the temperatures are dipping further and further down the thermometer scale, yet there is still some time left until the first snow, so that the daily scenery is an almost constant dark grayish/brownish shade. Yes, that not-so-nice part of autumn. So to cheer myself up, I'm choosing to direct my attention to brighter, happier things such as kitchen decorations and homemade projects.

• Our little lemon tree standing tall and proud on the windowsill, filled with ripening lemons •

• A new cozy accessory I knitted is ready just in time to help me face the upcoming frigid temperatures •


  1. Cute post :)

    xo Jennifer



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