May 7, 2012

Raw Bites: Summer Veggie Mix

As promised a little while ago (here), today I wanted to share one of my favourite raw recipes - and a really easy one to make too: a veggie mix with zucchini, mushrooms, and bell peppers. Though all these ingredients are available year-round, I like it best when the weather starts warming up, hence the name. Besides, it's a beautifully coloured mix that makes a light meal - perfect for warm days.

I generally use this mix sauteed on top of the bread slices for my favourite bruschetta recipe (seen here) but recently I decided to keep it raw - in order to get the most nutritional benefits from the veggies - and loved it so much that I've had it a few times since. This is how I prepare it:

1. Gather and wash all veggies: zucchini, portobello mushrooms, and yellow bell peppers (depending on what I have on hand, I like using red or green ones too for an extra pop of colour).

2. Peel the zucchini. (This is an optional step, you can choose to leave the peel on, but for this recipe I prefer it without)

3. Chop all veggies into small dices.

4. Add sea salt and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil to taste and mix everything. Enjoy!

I'm excited to experiment a little more with the recipe this summer; I'm thinking of maybe adding some herbs and spices or some other kinds of veggies too - there are so many possibilities!

If you decide to try it out, I'd love to know what you think!


  1. this looks delicious!! thank you for your sweet comment, it put a smile on MY face :)!!


  2. i think its sooo delicious !

  3. i love a light meal like this...i never thought to do this! thanks for the idea!

    xoxo from nyc &

    1. Vittoria, for me, this is the best kind of meals in the summer. I hope you enjoy it!


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