May 9, 2012

Natural Glow

I mentioned before how I'm practically clueless when it comes to makeup. Because of this, I very rarely wear it, and even then it's limited to a little bit of blush, maybe some eyeliner, and more often lipgloss. However, these days, I have a strong desire to get better at applying it - I must be growing up, because I also want to wear more dresses, and generally put more thought and effort into my looks. In the last week, I have come across two makeup looks that really stand out to me: I find them to be quite natural, and I think that they enhance the girls' natural beauty, rather than cover it up - a big fear of mine when it comes to makeup - so I'll work on emulating them all spring and summer long.

Images via: From Me To You & Lauren Conrad (to see more of what inspires me these days, take a look at my Tumblr)

With this inspiration in mind, I have searched the web and put together a list of some basic green, natural cosmetics that I think will help me achieve these looks:

1. Living Nature Tinted Moisturizer, CAD$40.70 (longtime want - I mentioned it here too)
2. 100% Pure Black Tea Pigmented Gel Eyeliner, CAD$23 
3. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara, CAD$23
4. Everyday Minerals Everyday Bronzer, $9.99
5. 100% Pure Perfect Naked Pink Creamstick, CAD$20
6. Ilia Beauty Wild Child Lipstick, $24
7. Ilia Beauty Neon Angel Lipstick, $24

For rosy cheeks, I really want to try Victoria's tip about using beets. I was so impressed with the idea when I read about it on her blog that I will definitely give it a try this summer.

Do you have any other recommendations of eco-friendly cosmetics that I could use for a similar look? I'd love to know!


  1. Thanks for sharing your beauty picks - i am trying to do new things with my makeup so this post really helped!

    Pop over to my blog sometime too:


  2. These looks are both beautiful, but I especially love the Lauren Conrad nighttime look. The bright lip is just gorgeous!

  3. Love the day make up!
    Please check out my blog too at Miss Tangerine :)


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