May 11, 2012

Happy Days: Wonderful Weekends

• New members of our frontyard flower family •

Last week-end was as good as it gets: I spent it with my family at home and we had two truly wonderful days together. The entire time, it was sunny and warm outside - such a welcome change from the week before that showed us only clouds and rain. What's more, I somehow managed to find the perfect balance between relaxing and being productive, and other than a few fleeting moments, nothing managed to dampen my spirits. I'm hopeful that this coming week-end will be at least as lovely, with a weather forecast that rivals last week's in terms of sunshine and temperature highs, coupled with a positive outlook on my part. These are just a few of the things that made last week-end so special and that are making me incredibly excited for this next one.

• Homemade cheesecake, muffins and almond milk...just a few of the goodies on the menu •

• The beginnings of our raised beds project for this year's vegetable garden •


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