May 14, 2012

Green Better Or Worse: 14.05.2012

My purpose for this site from the very beginning was - other than encouraging others to live a green(er) lifestyle - to share my own journey to becoming more eco-conscious. I have realized that I haven't done too much sharing so far, and for a few months now, I have been brainstorming ways to reveal more about my day-to-day victories and struggles. I think I have found the way through this new series called "Green Better Or Worse", in which I will talk about both successes and failures that I experience on my way to being more eco-friendly. The way I see it, living green is a serious, lifetime commitment, and so the title seemed to fit just right.

My family and I have many dreams and plans in mind, some of which are already in the works, and as a result, this seemed like the perfect time to kick things off.

This week:
  • we have started building our raised bed vegetable garden; my brother and my dad are making the boxes mostly out of reclaimed wood, and we are filling them with organic soil that we bought a few days ago - the first batch (of 3) was delivered just yesterday! The land that our house sits on is very sandy, and as a result we didn't have a great payoff from our small garden last year, but are hoping that all our efforts this year will make a difference.
  • as a Mother's Day present, we bought two (still little) lilac trees yesterday to add to our already generous amount of flowers. Our spring is about to get a lot more colourful - and better scented too!
  • even more flowers are in the plans, as my brother is building planter boxes to be filled with colourful blooms and hung onto the fence surrounding the house.


  1. Looks like a great effort, keep up the good work!

  2. looks great and like a lot of work :')
    i adore beautiful gardens with wonderful flowers and trees *_*


    1. Rebekah, it is quite a bit of work, but thinking of the beautiful (for flowers) and yummy (for vegetables) results, it makes it all worth it!

  3. That sounds like your house is surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers! My dream is to plant a vegetable garden when I have my own house so that I can save money and get fresh vegetables for free. By the way, I appreciate your thoughtful comment on my blog :-) xoxoxo

    1. We do have quite a few plants and flowers by now, but we're planning for even more, we can't get enough of them! I really hope that you'll be able to make your dream come true not too long from now, there really is nothing quite like knowing that you played such a big role in the growth of those vegetables, and that they're clean and healthy.


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