May 4, 2012

On Two Wheels

I have never particularly enjoyed riding bikes, but for some reason, last fall I started dreaming of owning a classic, European-style bike. I was thinking that it would make for a nice (and much-needed!!) workout, but beyond that, I was dreaming of exploring my neighborhood on it, taking in the sights and sounds. Now that it's spring, that dream is coming back, and it's been stronger than ever from the moment I saw the Creamcycle bike, made by Public Bikes. I think it would make for such a great ride, that I wouldn't even mind the soreness that's sure to come with the first time getting on a bike in many long years. Sadly, at almost $800, it's bound to remain a dream, and instead I'll have to check some local sites for a worthy but much cheaper replica.

1 comment:

  1. SO pretty. I absolutely love bikes, especially my vintage Schwinn road bike! :)



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