April 20, 2012

Happy Days: Savoured Moments

• A recent sunset, the most beautiful one I have seen yet •

It's been a while since I have last written a Happy Days post. Last year, they became a sort of Friday ritual and some of my favourite posts to put together. Though I never meant to post them each week, whenever I did, they were always great reminders to step back and enjoy the things around me. Even now, it's fun to look back on them and see that the things that made me smile then, still do the same now. Today seemed like the perfect opportunity to reintroduce them in 2012: after a busy few weeks at school filled with presentations, project deadlines and the stress of final exams, there is no better time to remind myself to take it slow and savour the little moments.

• Details of an organic cotton scarf that I received from the Easter Bunny 

• A sweet, healthy midday snack 

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