April 16, 2012

Weekend Bouquet

We are at that stage now where the signs of spring are becoming clearly visible. For example, the maple trees in our backyard are filled with beautiful red buds. It won't be long before green leaves start to appear, but this stage is so lovely and short, that we decided to make the most of it over the week-end. Since the weather forecast predicted lots of rain - no rain drops actually fell on the ground, but it was cloudy for the most part - we wanted to be able to enjoy them while inside the house too. So, just cutting a few of the smaller branches and arranging them in some pretty vases that we spread all over the house turned out to be a quick and fun way to do just that.

Here is what we did, step by step:

1. Cut a few branches from the tree.

2. Pick out some vases in which to make the arrangements.

3. Trim and place the branches until you're happy with how the arrangements look.

To end, you could choose to leave them dry, or add some water with a little sugar to help keep them looking their best for a little while longer. Just like that, in a few short minutes, you can have some beautiful bouquets that bring a touch of spring inside.

I'd love to know, how do you make the most of the first signs of spring?


  1. Pretty arrangements. My allergies start up and I know it's spring

  2. Amazing spring photos!!! Great blog!!!
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  3. Cute idea! Fun and easy way to incorporate spring!



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