March 14, 2012

Sartorial Motivation

It's no secret that I'm wishing winter away, even though it's been the shortest and mildest one we've had in many years. I can't even contain my excitement when I think of spring and I'm looking forward to everything that it's about to bring with it: pastel colours, green grass and flower buds, along with longer and sunnier days! Clearly it's quite hard to think about winter still, and almost impossible to get motivated to put together nice, cold weather outfits, so I need all the inspiration that I can get. Many weeks ago, I stumbled upon this new (to me) sustainable fashion brand, Studio JUX, and their Fall/Winter 2011/2012 collection photos are just what I needed to see. Now that spring is getting close, I'm ready to let go of the thick knits but keep the colour palette of sandy neutrals and colourful accents, with fewer dark colours.

Mint is everywhere these days, and I think this picture shows that men can take on the trend just as effortlessly as women do.

• All photos via Studio JUX 


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