March 12, 2012

The Light Of Day

This week-end was wonderful. There was nothing special about it, in fact it was filled with mundane things and activites: study sessions for an upcoming exam, time in front of the computer and TV, and basically all sorts of things around the house. But it wasn't the way we spent the days that made them wonderful - though they were wonderfully quiet and relaxing days - it was the days themselves. From the moment we woke up until the sun set, we were blessed with wonderfully clear, bright skies. I found myself countless times gazing out the window at this beautiful sight.

The sun shined constantly and the snow kept melting, letting little bits of the ground we haven't seen in months show through. It was the warm temperature, the bright blue skies, the happy rays of sunshine - the promise of spring and nature's return to life - that made these days wonderful.

I often complain about winter and dream about living in places where warmth and sunshine are a constant presence. But to be honest, I don't know if I could deprive myself of these first hints of spring and the hope they bring with them. Almost like a new year on the calendar, spring to me is a new beginning, another chance to start over. These days fill me with happiness. They fill my heart with light, warmth and hope.

Welcome spring! We're so glad to have you here again!

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