January 18, 2012

Seeds Galore

The snowstorms and frigid temperatures of this past month point to the fact that winter is here in full force. This means lots of indoors time, staying warm and admiring the beauty of the season from behind the windows. It doesn't mean though that we can't look forward to warmer times. For example this year, my family and I are planning a rather big vegetable garden, with much more variety than last year. The really cold week-end gave us the perfect opportunity to start our plans by ordering the seeds we'll need. Though it might seem a little early, they won't arrive for another 3-4 weeks - perfect timing for those that need to be started early.

We ordered from the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds website, where they sell only untreated, free of pesticides and non-GMO seeds; for less than $40, we bought more than we'll know what to do with: some long-time favourites - either ones that we haven't had in years because they're not available at local markets, or ones that we eat constantly - and some new ones that we're looking forward to try out. This garden will need a lot of work from all of us, but I'm convinced that the results will be most definitely worth it.

• broccoli  cabbage  zucchini 

• carrot  eggplant  pepper 

• mustard greens  radicchio  lettuce 

• white onion  pepper  red onion 

• celery root  lettuce 

Herbs: • tarragon  thyme 

Flowers: • chamomile  calendula  

*Images via Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

I can't wait to start eating all of these and share the recipes on here! What do/would you plant in your own vegetable garden?

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  1. This looks amazing- I'd love to have my own vegetable garden someday. But first I gotta learn to keep my plants alive :)


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