January 9, 2012

Online Spree

A few days before Christmas, I found out - on Twitter - that Flora & Fauna was having an incredible sale - 75% off everything, and an additional 10% off using a coupon code. I decided that it would be a great little Christmas present to myself and ended up buying 5 items that I just received last Monday, January 3rd. I immediately tried them on and to my surprise, everything fit perfectly - a very rare occurrence even when I shop in-store. Given my positive experience, I thought I'd share my purchases as well as my opinions about them.

Think Tank (not available anymore, sorry!) - Out of all pieces, this is made in the thickest fabric. It is one of those items that hits below the hips for me, and the straps are quite - but not too - long. I really like the side pocket, I think it adds a very nice touch to an otherwise simple top.

Bikini Bra in White (CAD$24, CAD$6): This is actually an off-white colour and the perfect size for a small girl like me. I was very happy to notice that even though the top is such a light colour, it is double-layered and therefore not see-through. It will be great for pool days in the summer.

Honey Bee Dress in Gray (CAD$100, CAD$25) - This is now the first long sleeve dress that I own. It has an assymetrical hemline that is shorter in the front and longer in the back and drapes beautifully. Truthfully, the front hemline is a little shorter than I had expected, but nothing too much or that some layering can't fix.

Rossia Dress in Purple (CAD$100, CAD$25): This is a low-back dress - my first of the kind - but quite wearable actually. I like that it has a high neckline in the front and a reasonably long hemline that balance out the revealing back. Covered up with a cardigan or blazer, it becomes quite the conservative choice. The slim fit creates a beautiful hourglass silhouette.

Honey Bee Tent Top in Black (CAD$80, CAD$20): This has to be my favourite of the bunch and it has to do with the fact that it is incredibly soft. I had to get a size up since mine wasn't available anymore, and so I could almost wear it as a dress, especially with its asymmetrical hemline - shorter on the sides, longer in the front and back. Its "tent" shape makes it wonderfully loose and creates a beautiful drape.

All in all, I'm extremely happy with my order - that came for a grand total of below CAD$100, including taxes and fees! Ironically enough, all of the items are mostly black and dark-coloured, which is not typical of my usual preferences, but I think they are versatile pieces that will blend seamlessly into my wardrobe and allow me to slowly build my eco-closet.

*All photos via Flora & Fauna Boutique.

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