November 4, 2011

Healthy & Green

On the search for a cake recipe earlier today, I rediscovered the Rodale website. I had bookmarked a page off the site a few months ago but then life got in the way and I completely forgot about it. After I finally found the recipe I wanted - a healthy one too - I got lost in their articles that cover everything from health and food to living, environment and fitness. Just like the catch phrase suggests, it truly is a place "where health meets green". I could have spent much longer on there, but instead I decided to tackle my to-do list for the day and share a few of the articles that caught my attention; as it turns out, plants of all kinds - edible or not - are on my mind:

  • The Nickel Pincher: Enjoy Your Fresh Herbs All Winter Long - Once the cold weather arrived, I was sad to see the vegetable garden that my family and I planted go; this article has some great tips about how to keep a green thumb throughout the winter by growing some fresh herbs inside. 
  • The 6 Best Plants for a Healthy Office - Though I don't work in an office - unless the desk in my room can be counted as one - I've been particularly enjoying our indoor plants these past few weeks, and it was interesting to learn which of them are best for cleaning the air or lifting a not-so-good mood.
  • The Wonder Herb You Aren't Using - This article talks about the benefits of lemongrass - an herb that I indeed am not using; how did they know? - and shares a few ideas for yummy, healthy recipes that incorporate it.

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