May 4, 2011

A Dash Of Color

This past week-end I had planned an entire week of exciting posts. However, the seemingly never-ending streak of dark and rainy days has played a number on my morale and has kept me sleepy and unmotivated. In an effort to shake this bad mood off, I realized that I needed to add a little colour to my life. Since incorporating bright clothing (like this) is not always feasible for me, one foolproof way to brighten my day - and my mood - is with nail polish. So I put together an array of eco-friendy nail polishes that I would love to add to my collection, especially for days like this, when I'm in desperate need of a colourful pick-me-up.

  1. Priti NYC Nail Polish in Cherry Ripe, $12.50 - deep cherry red
  2. Zoya Nail Polish in Breezi, $8 - opaque soft, dusty, medium cerulean blue
  3. Priti NYC Nail Polish in Dorothy Palm, $12.50 - matted light blue
  4. Scotch Naturals Watercolor in Leprechaun Lynch, $14.99 - cool, mint creme
  5. Priti NYC Nail Polish in Lampshade Poppy$12.50 $10.50 - opaque orange yellow
  6. Sheswai Lacquer in So Cute, $16 - soft, peachy coral
  7. Scotch Naturals Watercolour in Highland Fling, $14.99 - vibrant coral creme
  8. Zoya Matte Nail Polish in Lolly, $8 - bold, saturated medium magenta pink cream 
  9. Priti NYC Nail Polish in Crown of Thorns $12.50 $10.50 - opaque light pastel blue
  10. Priti NYC Nail Polish in Marble Queen$12.50 $9.99 - chocolate chip mint green
  11. Priti NYC Nail Polish in White Ballet Dahlia$12.50 $10.50 - perfect for french manicure tip


  1. Great nailpolishes. I am loving anything bright pink! :)SarahD

  2. nice collection of nail varnishes, number 9 is my fave! xx

  3. I am definitely loving all these polish colors!



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