April 29, 2011

A Royal Fairy Tale

Much like many people today, I woke up unusually early to watch the royal wedding unfold. I hadn't kept up to date since the engagement news, and it was only last night that it hit me how important this day was. In the end, I'm really glad that I was able to watch such a beautiful ceremony. Ever since this morning, I have been looking for a reason to post about it on this blog, but didn't think it would fit into the green theme. Much to my surprise, once I got online to check for more details, I found out that, despite being such a lavish affair, this royal wedding was in fact quite an eco-friendly one as well.

After much secrecy beforehand, the entire world must know by now that the beautiful bride's dress was designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. However, in addition to being such a stunning creation, I was very pleased to read that the lace was handworked and the rest of the fabric was also sourced locally. The wedding shoes were handmade too.

The wedding ring was made with repurposed Welsh gold that the Queen gave as a gift to her grandson.

The flowers used, all seasonal and locally sourced, will be either donated or replanted, and the trees that adorned the church will be replanted at Highgrove Gardens, Prince Charles' residence.

After the ceremony, the couple made their way to Buckingham Palace in the traditional horse-drawn carriage instead of a car, and later left the Queen's afternoon reception in a biodiesel-powered Aston Martin convertible.

Even more, instead of gifts, a charitable gift fund was set up and among the 26 different charities, it includes such environmental causes as Earthwatch and efforts to protect various rhino, tiger and elephant species.

Though I realize that the Internet has already been flooded with pictures and recaps of this major event, I wanted to record my own impressions of such a special occasion, as I was taking them in throughout the day. I am excited to look back at this and remember that it is possible to be mindful of the Earth even while putting together elaborate celebrations - this wedding event definitely proved it.

• Pictures and information via Ecorazzi, People, InStyle, Popsugar, Ecouterre, The Official Royal Wedding Website 


  1. Everything was amazing, I loved the simple details on their wedding :)


  2. Man, did she look beautiful or what?! That is cool that they used local flowers and fabric. Who woulda thought??

  3. Loved the information in your post and appreciate the fact finding about the mindful details of their event. I just adore these two lovebirds! www.theglammom.com

  4. cute)

  5. She looked so beautiful. It's nice to hear that the wedding was eco-friendly too.

  6. wow, such a unique and important perspective on the wedding! other reviews only focus on how lavish and glamorous the affair was, it is nice to know they were being earth-friendly and charitable as well. thanks for sharing <3shelby


  7. I loved her gown, it was beyond fabulous. :)

    The Cat Hag

  8. lovely post of the big day! xo Lisa

  9. What a magical day. I thought Kate looked stunning and her dress was so elegant & gorgeous!! Love that they used local flowers, and that they will be replanted... what a great idea! xx veronika

  10. it was more than beautiful!

  11. it was such a beautiful/magical day! i loved watching the coverage - kate looked stunning!


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