October 15, 2010

Turkey Day

Last week-end, I celebrated Thanksgiving with my family for the first time. Seeing as we've been living in Canada for only a few years, this holiday is not really something we usually celebrate. However, we decided that the long week-end would be a great opportunity to try our hand at a stuffed turkey for the first time.

My mom cooked a huge bird and gravy following this recipe from Jamie Oliver and we ate it with what I'm sure is in no way traditional Thanksgiving food: jasmine rice and cucumbers-and-onions salad. Nevertheless, it was quite the homemade (read: green) feast and we all enjoyed it very much.

Of course we left some room for dessert as well, and this apple cake was the perfect fall-appropriate end to our meal. In fact, each of us went to get seconds later in the night.

I would say that following this, Thanksgiving might just become a yearly tradition for us too.


  1. happy (belated) thanksgiving!


  2. i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving..im so sad i missed it this year :(

  3. Apple cake looks AMAZING.
    Hope you had an awesome weekend.

  4. Ana - Love the cake, I'll be making it for our Thanksgiving next month (and of course over the holidays too)! Happy Thanksgiving! Miss you all!
    - Erin


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