October 23, 2010

Well Hydrated

One of the easiest decisions when trying to go green is to choose reusable water bottles instead of disposable ones. However, just like with everything else in our lives, companies have come out with multiple types of such bottles, making the task of choosing just one more daunting than it should be.

In hopes of switching from my disposable plastic bottle - which, even though I use multiple times to reduce the impact on the environment, is leaking chemicals into my water, making it unsafe for my own health - I went on an online search for the right bottle, and in the process I've learned about the benefits and downsides of each category.

       BPA-free plastics:
The compound that leaks into the water and has undesirable consequences for our health has been taken out of the composition of these bottles, making them much safer. However, despite their great design, these might not be enough of a departure from the disposable bottles for me. After all, plastics are much harder to recycle than other materials.

These bottles seem to dominate the market, since they are quite cheap to produce and durable. However, they often give a metallic aftertaste to the water or have plastic inner linings, thus going against the concept of a healthier drink that they are promoting. That being said, it looks like companies are taking note and coming out with designs that overcome these hurdles, and the 3 bottles below are such examples.

4. Sigg Taj Mahal Violet 1L Bottle, $24.99
5. Laken Water Bottle in Sport Red - 750mL, $30
6. Gaiam Tree of Life Aluminum Water Bottle - 750mL, $9.98

       Stainless steel:
Many companies - and consumers for that matter - are choosing this option since it combines both durability and practicality, while keeping the neutral taste of water.

7. Klean Kanteen 27oz Classic in Commuter Orange, $19.95
8. Ecousable Trees & Birds Stainless Steel Water Bottle - 16oz, $14.99
9. Rainforest Bottles Fashion 750mL Water Bottle in Red Swirls
10. Watergeeks Filtered Stainless Bottle - 24oz, $24.99
11. Camelbak Stainless Steel Better Bottle in Blue - 24oz, $30

A major downside of these bottles is the fact that they can easily break. Then again, considering that many other drinks such as iced tea and juice come in glass bottles too, these might not be such a big risk. Besides, many companies are working on new designs to make them more durable.


  1. loving these eco friendly water bottles! i def need one of these!


  2. oh these bottles look all so great!! I need one asap:p

    kisses, enjoy your sunday!


  3. Nice bottles


  4. These are such lovely water bottles, I love the red glass bottle!


  5. There really are some great water bottles nowadays. Good picks!


  6. Have been looking for a good one of these so this is so timely for me! Have to say I know someone with #6 and the tree faded right off :(

  7. i really need to buy a water bottle and these are great options!

  8. I love that everyone is going green! I have the first category, but now I'm thinking about getting stainless steel!

    Love Grace.

  9. there's a new kind that all the celebs use. it has a filter in it. shoot, wish i could remember.


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