October 10, 2010

Neutral Territory

In recent months I've seen lots of neutral outfits within the blogosphere. Some of my favourite bloggers seem to be reveling in mixing all kinds of shades of brown, whether exclusively or accompanied by little bits of colour - most often than not by other neutrals such as black, white and grey - and I am feeling very inspired.

From light beige to dark brown and everything in between, the limits are truly endless when it comes to this colour. What's even better, this fall it will make for the perfect complement to the upcoming nature's play with colours.

Elroy Apparel Senna PantsCAD$160 CAD$50

Loomstate Tallulah Sweater Dress, $252
Sa Va Ginger Dress, $189

click on the images to view them in full-size


  1. I too love all the neutrals (esp. Keiko Lynn there!). Great picks by you too :)

  2. Love all the looks you've got here! The Sa Va Laura Blouse is so pretty. :)

  3. i love neutral colours too, you have some wonderful choices here!

    adorable blog dear xxx

  4. the blanket coat looks so comfy and amazing!

  5. It's so sad, but my outfit consists of mostly neutrals. I'm trying to add in more colors and patterns but neutrals just keep calling to me hehe

  6. These are great looks!i love neutrals!!I am now a follower:)


  7. Great pictures. Loving these style pictures. :)sarahD

  8. I love Sterling Style!

    And you made some lovely sets! I love the dresses in the all dressed up group and the sweaters from the cozy knits!

  9. I love neutrals - so easy to mix and match!

  10. I love how monochrome things are getting.

    Love Grace.

  11. So inspiring, thanks for these! I've been looking for chunky knits for a while now!


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