September 30, 2010

Basic Principles

At over 8 minutes, I realize that this is quite a long video to watch about the dangers of the beauty industry. However, those 8 minutes won't be wasted since, in the video, Annie Leonard uncovers all that is wrong with traditional cosmetics and she does it in a very convincing yet entertaining way - through animations.

The animations are indeed exaggerated, but they are meant to open our eyes and teach us to look beyond the pretty packaging and smart advertising, and focus on what really matters: the ingredients.


  1. Those were a fast 8 minutes! It was pretty mind blowing too. I try to use Clinique and other handmade soap just because I'm so sensitive and I try to never buy anything from companies that test on animals but lead in my lipstick!! And they don't have to tell you! How can we know what's really safe and :organic"...

  2. veryy neat video!


  3. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. wow....something new to think canada most cosmetics dont list a SINGLE ingredient...we have no idea whats in our cosemtics or shampoos etc

  5. i love the necklaces too and this is such a lovely post!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)


  6. Thanks for sharing this!

    Love Grace.

  7. As much as I hate to admit it, this video does make me think about what I'm choosing to put on my body. It's just as important as what we choose to eat. My boyfriend has been moving to an all-natural diet and it's hard! But it probably is for the best.


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