August 5, 2010

Back on Track

There are times when, for various reasons, I lack in motivation. It happens even with things that I really care about, such as the environment. However, it often doesn't take much to rekindle the passion, and the littlest thing can make it happen. This was the case a few days ago when, luckily, I rediscovered a site that I really like. It is called The Daily Green, and it is filled with articles on how to live a greener lifestyle. Chock full with everything from the latest news related to the environment all the way to articles and slideshows on living green, this is one resource that I could spend entire hours at a time browsing.

Some of the articles that I've found to be interesting and filled with great finds on my latest browsing session, are:

1 comment:

  1. the people i work for are really green, so it's influencing me a lot!


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